Bouchard and John Goehrke went to a Nets game in Brooklyn in February after Bouchard lost a Twitter bet.  USATSI

Maybe tennis star Genie Bouchard and that guy who scored a date with her on Twitter over a Super Bowl bet really are an item. The proof? The pair were recently spotted together for a third time, on the beach in Miami, no less.

Check out the visual evidence from TMZ: 

The beach date comes after Bouchard sent out photos of her and  20-year old John Goehrke hanging out in her pad last week. 

Only Bouchard and Goerhke know the extent of their relationship, but this is looking less and less like a social media ruse and more like a legit connection, even if the two are just friends. It's one thing to pay up on a bet with a fan on Twitter by going on a date, but it's another to hang out multiple times -- in multiple states.