LOOK: Heckler gets served by Kim Clijsters at Wimbledon after putting on her skirt

A female doubles set involving Kim Clijsters took an... interesting turn. In the middle of a light-hearted match, Clijsters asked the crowd where her next serve should be. Chris Quinn, a fan, responded with "body serve." Clijsters immediately took notice. She called Quinn down onto the court, but then ran into an obstacle as they were about to volley: Quinn wasn't wearing Wimbledon's traditional white uniform. Not to be dissuaded, Clijsters went to her bag -- and pulled out one of her white skorts. Quinn changed out of his Green Lantern t-shirt and shorts, and he was ready to play.

Almost crying laughing, Clijsters overpowered Quinn for a few serves, Green Lantern's might not allowing him to keep up. For Quinn, the experience was unforgettable. He called it a bit of fun, saying that the match wasn't as intense as the games going on at Centre Court. "Kim had said to the audience, 'will I serve left or right?'" Quinn said. "And I said 'body serve', and the next thing you know, she responded to my shout-out by saying, 'Do you think you can handle my serve?'" 

To his credit, Quinn did manage to return her first one. Captain of the Greystones Lawn Tennis Club, Quinn didn't expect to be wearing full-on women's clothing. "Before she was about to serve to me, she runs over to her bag, pulls out what I thought was a pair of shorts, but as she got closer I realised it was a skort," he said.

Quinn was a good sport, saying that "life is too short not to say yes to things like that." Clijsters allowed Quinn to keep the skort (sharing clothing is an awfully intimate experience and they did just meet), which Quinn is planning to auction off for charity. Clijsters is clearly okay with her clothing being sold, as the announcement of the auction is currently her pinned tweet. Quinn and Clijsters later praised each other on Twitter for how cool they both were during the encounter.

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