LOOK: High temperatures wreak havoc on Wimbledon's famous Centre Court

Wimbledon's Centre Court has long been regarded as a center stage of sorts for tennis, but 2017's tournament has seen the court in its worst condition in years. Players and fans alike have taken notice of a court that has been shredded throughout the tournament, with several people noting the heat as a cause for its poor upkeep. With a day off on Sunday, Wimbledon groundskeepers tried to restore the court to playing condition.

Prominent players like Andy Murray took note of the court's poor surface. The grass vs. clay debate is always raging in the tennis world, and clay players may have gotten just a bit more ammunition. Grass is notoriously slower and can kill a ball's velocity, as players have pointed out in the past. Add in some unexpected divots and a shot may become unplayable. Hopefully by Monday the court is back in "working order."

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