Serena Williams and John McEnroe have exchanged some barbs about men vs. women in tennis, but Williams isn't sweating the small stuff, and she wants everyone to know it. On Monday morning, less than a day after telling McEnroe said that he doesn't want to deal with his comments about her being the No. 700 men's player in the world, Williams took to Instagram to show exactly why she's just way too busy to deal with the conversation, posting a Vanity Fair photo of herself and her pregnant body nude.

Williams hardly minced words when she addressed McEnroe on Twitter, telling him that she simply did not have time to play men in random tennis matches. Williams isn't afraid of her profile, as the post before this one is her walking down the red carpet like an Egyptian.

Williams also recently shared video of her playing, and although her mobility is just a bit affected, her forehand and backhand look as clean as ever.

All-in-all, it's easy to see why Williams may be annoyed with the entire situation. She seems more than happy with herself right now, and having this dragged into the public eye has done nothing but bring her name up in irrelevant contexts. Williams is a great tennis player, but right now she seems more focused on eventually becoming a great mother.