Naomi Osaka, U.S. Open tennis champ, gets birthday invite to 'Creed II' premiere from Michael B. Jordan

Coming off a US Open win, Naomi Osaka has won over the tennis world with her soft-spoken, humble attitude. Another thing to know: The 21-year-old from Japan loves the star of the upcoming "Creed 2," Michael B. Jordan, a fact that Ellen DeGeneres has mocked her for in the past.

Both of those facts were on full display during Osaka's appearance on "Ellen" last month.

Osaka turned 21 on Tuesday, and Ellen didn't miss an opportunity to harass the star.

Osaka, naturally mortified by the audacity of the call-out, requested that Ellen please block her -- apparently not realizing that she can do it herself.

It's a good thing she didn't, because Jordan caught wind of Ellen's present to Osaka, and he had one for her too on Wednesday. It was a new picture, one that was a little less... Oily. There was also an invitation involved.

Osaka found some courage after that message (I mean, who wouldn't), and said she'd love to go to the premiere.

Ellen was quick to take the credit for Jordan's invite.

"Creed 2" premieres next month, and it should be awesome. Osaka, meanwhile, is enjoying some of the perks of winning a tennis major. The only question that remains is whether or not Jordan is going to come to the premiere with a shirt on.

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