Rafael Nadal awarded 12,000 euros by French court over doping accusation

Nadal sued a former French official and won.  USATSI

Rafael Nadal was awarded 12,000 euros ($14,119.68) by a French court for comments made about him on a TV interview by former Roselyne Bachelot, the former sports minister for France. Nadal announced that he would be suing Bachelot last year.

Bachelot said during the interview that Nadal's hiatus in 2012 due to an injury that lasted seven months was "probably due to a positive doping test." Nadal responded by suing Bachelot for defamation, and he will now take the winnings from this lawsuit and donate them to a French NGO or foundation.

In a statement, Nadal said that "when I filed the lawsuit against Mrs. Bachelot, I intended not only to defend my integrity and my image as an athlete but also the values I have defended all my career."

Nadal, a 16-time Grand Slam winner, wrapped up his season on Monday. He continued to say that "[he] also wish[es] to avoid any public figure from making insulting or false allegations against an athlete using the media, without any evidence or foundation and to go unpunished."

Nadal was initially seeking 100,000 euros in damages in the lawsuit, but the donation implies that the verdict was more important than the monetary compensation. Nadal's name is, once again, clear.

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