Reaction to Serena Williams' historic upset loss vs. Roberta Vinci

One of the biggest upsets in sports happened on Friday, and it happened at an event where upsets don't normally populate the sport: women's tennis.

The top-ranked player in the world -- maybe the best women's player ever -- Serena Williams, was undone in three sets by an Italian named Roberta Vinci in the US Open semifinals. In the hours since her win, Vinci's quickly becoming something of a cult hero -- even in spite of knocking off Williams' quest to win a calendar Grand Slam, something that hasn't happened in women's tennis since 1988.

Below, you'll see why.

For perspective on the achievement: Vinci had three match wins total in her previous 11 Grand Slam events, not including this year's US Open. She was a 300-to-1 underdog at the start of the event to win it. Now she'll play on Saturday against fellow Italian Flavia Pennetta.

Things started off well enough for Williams, who won the first set 6-2. Then Vinci turned the tables with a 6-4 second set. The third set began with a 2-0 Williams lead ... then Vinci roared back. It got silly when this was Vinci's pose for about 15 seconds, as she led the third set.

And then, as Williams began to blunder her way out of Saturday's fine, the Drake schadenfreude came heavy. Drake: professional rapper, suitor of Serena, undeniable sports hex.

Yep. Vinci wins, and everyone blames Drake.

The strange thing was, in the immediate aftermath of such a huge loss, people were trying to put it into context. Both from a human perspective and a sports one.

Vinci: THE GAWDESS. She goes from post-game finger-wagging to hilarious humility in the post-game interview, one of the best I've ever seen. You've gotta see these.

An incredible turn of events in Flushing, NY on Friday. The best quality about sports is that we can never predict what will happen, and when the unexpected comes about, the upshot to the outcome -- especially in the modern digital age -- is a grasping and fun thing to watch unfold.

Nobody expected Serena Williams to fall to Roberta Vinci -- not even Vinci! (USATSI)
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