Roger Federer says changes are coming to Laver Cup with women likely to join

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According to Roger Federer, there are changes coming to the Laver Cup which should add to the overall quality of the event.

Capitalizing on the success of golf's Ryder Cup, a weekend-long tournament played between Europe and the United States every two years, tennis introduced the Laver Cup, pitting Team Europe vs. Team World, in 2017. The format for the Laver Cup is two six-person teams. Four of the members are chosen by post-Wimbledon rankings, while the last two come from captains.

Nick Kyrgios and John McEnroe will be playing against Bjorn Borg and Federer, who played in the inaugural Cup last year. Federer's management team was a key part in setting up the event. The matches are best two out of three sets, and the winners of the matches get points towards their teams. Team Europe won last year, 15-9, because Federer and Rafael Nadal playing on a team together is totally fair.

According to Federer, whose management team was a driving force in developing the tournament, its format may change after the third year of the event, with women wanting to join the fold.

"Down the road I'm totally open to anything," he said, via U.K. outlet Express. "I've heard already from women players. They would love to do it as well."

The Laver Cup is a three-day event, with four matches played per day. There are three singles and doubles event per day. Chicago will host the second installment, with the first being held in Prague, Czech Republic. The United Center will house the 2018 event from Sep. 21 to Sep. 23.

Federer said that the casual atmosphere of the cup is good for the sport.

"It just takes so much out of the players to be available four weekends during the year every single year," Federer said. "I played a lot of Davis Cup when I was younger and happy I did. I was happy it existed, but eventually it was just too much. I do believe that the Laver Cup has sparked some change, some inspiration to other cups that maybe we'll see in tennis. But that's a good thing. We'll take that as a sign of flattery."

The 2018 Davis Cup runs from Feb. 2 to Nov. 25, and is played Feb. 2-4, Apr. 6-8, Sep. 14-16 and Nov. 23-25. The Fed Cup is the women's equivalent, running from Feb. 10 to Nov. 11. It's played Feb. 10 and 11, Apr. 21-22 and Nov. 10 and 11.

The Laver Cup is a more lax version of these events, spanning only one weekend and allowing the players to play in pairs they wouldn't normally play in. It's a fun twist that clearly Federer believes in, and it makes sense that the WTA wants in as everyone involved hopes it's a hit on U.S. soil.

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