Serena Williams hardly wasted any time responding to former tennis star John McEnroe's profession that she would be "like 700" if she played with men. McEnroe made the comments to NPR in promoting his new memoir. The comment was met with mixed responses, with some people saying McEnroe was being generous and others believing that he was being disingenuous to the 23-time singles Grand Slam winner. It was in response to the question of whether or not he thought Williams was the greatest tennis player of all time, but McEnroe was very clear that best female player was an important caveat.

Williams didn't wait long. She sent out a pair of tweets on Monday night (presumably after wondering why her mentions suddenly went absolutely nuts), where she reaffirmed her respect for the tennis icon but also let him know that she had bigger things to worry about than hypothetical situations.

The sad implication here is that it doesn't look like we're going to be getting a Billie Jean King situation rolling any time soon, but Williams can be forgiven seeing as she's about to have a child and all.

Reading into the tweets, she seems annoyed that she's being brought into the debate to begin with, especially since she never really claimed that she'd go into the men's circuit and dominate. Whatever the case, her mind is clearly elsewhere, and no one can blame her.

When asked by CBS This Morning if he'd like to apologize for his comments, McEnroe was less insistent on Williams's competitive level and seemed more open to finding a "solution" to the question of men vs. women, saying that men and women should just play together. This would be a logistical nightmare of course, and Williams herself was very clear that she doesn't have the time to play pick-up matches in the men's circuit, especially with a baby on the way.