Stephen Curry says Serena Williams handled US Open blowup with 'grace and class'

Stephen Curry is the latest to throw support behind Serena Williams after the US Open's controversial women's final, telling Omnisport this week that he thinks Williams showed "grace and class" amid arguments with umpire Carlos Ramos.

Williams has had a busy week in the headlines -- and just about none of them have had to do with her weekend performance against women's champion Naomi Osaka. The U.S. Tennis Association and Women's Tennis Association publicly backed Williams' assertion that Ramos penalized her vs. Osaka differently than he would have a male tennis player. Meanwhile, various tennis umpires are threatening to boycott Serena's matches after she called Ramos a "thief" during her US Open appearance.

A day after women's tennis legend Billie Jean King said Williams was the victim of sexism and "an archaic rule" about in-match coaching, Curry has cast his own support behind Serena.

"You're going to have reactions," the Golden State Warriors star said, per The Washington Post. "That's what sport is all about ... Obviously Naomi deserved to win, and she played amazing. The way Serena handled the situation, I think she handled it with such grace and class."

Williams initially received a warning during her match with Osaka for getting hand signals from her coach and breaking her racket. She was then issued a full-game penalty for confronting Ramos, saying that he was smearing her character and effectively stealing a game from her. Afterward, however, with boos raining down on both her and Osaka at the trophy presentation, Williams asked fans to "give everyone the credit where credit is due" and refocus on Osaka's victory.

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