Suspicious betting patterns prompt Wimbledon match-fixing investigation

The Tennis Integrity Unit is currently investigating three Wimbledon matches and one French Open match for what BuzzFeed's John Templon reported as "suspicious betting patterns." Of the Wimbledon matches in question, two of them occurred during qualifiers and one during the main draw. The TIU flagged these matches, but each alert is evidence of match-fixing, rather than an outright indictment.

The TIU doubled its personnel after a report that BuzzFeed News and BBC investigation jointly published in 2016, which alleged wide-spread match fixing at tennis's highest levels. Furthermore, the TIU has investigated the sport itself to maintain its integrity. The report saw a "core group of 16 players" that were the guiltiest of the fixing.

Since the TIU was installed, flagged matches have dropped significantly. However, it's rare for Wimbledon matches to be flagged, as generally flags come at lower levels. From April to June, there were 53 match alerts, down from 73 in that span last year. Should Wimbledon be compromised, higher level play may need to be monitored significantly more closely in the future, and the TIU may find itself beefed up once again.

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