Lots of people lost money after Sunday's improbable Patriots Super Bowl comeback, but professional tennis player Genie Bouchard might be wishing that money was all she lost.

With the Falcons comfortably ahead, Bouchard -- like the rest of us -- thought the game was in hand. She decided to take to Twitter to tout her own skills in predicting the Super Bowl winner.

One brave fan decided to test his luck and make the best kind of bet -- one that you can't lose. He asked Bouchard if she would go on a date with him if the Patriots came back to win the game. Thinking that outcome an utter impossibility, Bouchard agreed to the proposal.

We all know what transpired over the next two hours, and Bouchard, to her credit, didn't back down from her earlier wager.

Safe to say that Bouchard's Monday will be spent looking for cheap airplane fares to Chicago or Missouri. In case you're wondering, Bouchard is currently dating former Boston Bruin Jordan Caron, who is now in the St. Louis Blues' system.

She also had the same takeway that the rest of us did after Super Bowl LI.

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