Krittin Koaykul, a professional tennis player out of Thailand had an impressive victory at the first round of qualifying at the M15 event in Doha, Qatar, winning all 48 points in his 6-0, 6-0 win. The "golden match" is a bit less impressive however, when you see who his competition was, if you can call it much 'competition' at all. 

On the other side of the court was Ukraine's Artem Bahmet who was rather out of place. He seemed as if he had never held a tennis racket or seen a tennis ball before, but there he was. 

You almost have to give him credit for even showing up and trying.

This makes me feel like I could show up to a tournament. 

The ball seemed more like an enemy to Bahmet than something he was trying to get over the net. While Koaykul appeared to be taking it easy on the clear rookie, Bahmet was still unable to make anything happen. 

It was a comedy of errors and a lot of, "swing and a miss."

Pro tip for next time: The ball has to go over the net.

People were not only amazed at the lack of skill, but left wondering how in the world he was even allowed to take the court. said:

"Sometimes tournaments don't fill their qualifying draw, which opens up the door for anyone who pays the tournament entry fee and has an ITF membership, or 'IPIN.' In a sport like tennis, where revenue is not necessarily free-flowing, the tournament has no incentive to deny entry when there are open spots in the draw. It's simply extra money for the tournament."

Maybe they should make an exception for people who simply cannot play tennis. 

I don't think Bahmet will be showing up to another tournament again.