Venus Williams claims man killed in car crash wasn't wearing a seat belt

After her shocking Wimbledon run, Venus Williams has returned home to legal drama, and she doesn't seem thrilled with the claims that have been levied against her by the estate of the man killed in a fatal car crash in Palm Beach County, Florida. Williams, who has been emotional about the ordeal, has now turned to defending herself against claims of negligent driving and allegations that she was on her phone when she entered the intersection.

Although police said that Williams wasn't driving distracted in the June accident that killed Jerome Barson, the Barson estate and its lawyer have demanded Williams' phone records. Williams and her attorney have officially filed a legal response for the case and are demanding numerous documents, including Jerome Barson's autopsy report, life insurance policies, medical records and federal tax returns.

Williams' attorney has also asserted that the injuries were caused by "the unreasonable failure of the Plaintiff to use an available and operational seat belt."

Local police have not leveled blame for the accident, they've only rescinded the blame from Williams. They initially said that she entered the intersection unlawfully, but earlier this month they revised their report and said she entered legally. The Barson team believes that if Williams was on her phone (hence the phone records request) then she was driving distracted and they're eligible for compensation.

In addition to Williams' claims that the Barsons weren't wearing seat belts, Williams also alleges that the Barsons' car wasn't in functioning order, and that proper maintenance could have prevented the accident. 

The Barsons' attorney has disputed claims of both improper car maintenance and failure to wear a seat belt.

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