WATCH: Nick Kyrgios bends over to get smacked in the butt by a tennis ball

Nick Kyrgios doesn't seem to be sweating retiring his last three matches, most notably a match at Wimbledon. The hot-headed tennis star, ranked No. 16 in the world, swept Victor Troicki at the Rogers Cup, and ever since then he's just been out to enjoy himself. One day after the handy 6-1 6-2 clearing of Troicki, Kyrgios consciously allowed a tennis ball to be hit directly at his butt.

Obviously with the tennis racket as a buffer it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but that still doesn't look like a comfortable experience. This side of Kyrgios has been on display throughout his visit to Montreal. He also invited a random fan that had tweeted him onto the court.

And he came through.

The "bad boy" of tennis Kyrgios extended the offer to anyone that wanted to practice with him for a bit.

Kyrgios has made waves time and time again for his off-the-court attitude, with some taking issue with his apparent lackadaisical attitude towards the sport. Kyrgios, however, just seems to be in the business of making memories for himself and others in Montreal. If that translates to wins, then so be it, but thus far the fans in Canada have certainly been winning with Kyrgios.

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