WATCH: Rafael Nadal stops tennis match so mother can find her lost daughter

Exhibition tennis matches are really about one thing: fun. The players try trick shots, engage with the crowd and talk trash to each other as part of the spectacle.

Such was the case on the Spanish island of Mallorca, in a charity doubles match that featured Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe.

But the mood shifted quickly as a woman in the stands began crying out for her lost child.

Nadal, who was ready to serve, heard the screams and stopped play. The attention turned to the mother, and the entire stadium began looking for the lost little girl.

The young child, understandably frightened and crying, was spotted a few sections over from her mother. In tears herself, the mother swept in and picked up her daughter -- much to the crowd's delight.

He's won 14 Grand Slams and now he's helped reunite a family. Is there anything Nadal can't do?

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