The Padres were bad in 2017, and it may get worse before it gets better, says Scott White, who highlights the handful of players who matter to Fantasy owners.
Every draft pool has a few bad eggs who don't seem likely to live up to their going rate. In particular, Scott White is suspicious of these 12.
First base offers plenty of depth, as usual, but Scott White says you shouldn't feel obligated to wait since you'll most likely be drafting more than one.
You want prospects? Scott White unveils his annual list tailored specifically for Fantasy owners. Whether you play in a dynasty league or not, these are the names to know right now.
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Bryan Mitchell also heads to San Diego in the reported deal
The Yankees still have room for a good-sized signing even after Saturday's trade with Miami
With Saturday's trade, Giancarlo Stanton teams up with Aaron Judge to make the Yankees' already stout offense something extraordinary. Scott White considers all the Fantasy implications.
How does a lineup with Stanton and Aaron Judge look? What will the Yankees do at second base?

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