Not all holdouts are created equal. Here's who has leverage among the NFL's four absent campers
Kansas City has been a great team under Andy Reid, but the Chiefs have been lacking for Fantasy stars in recent years. The hope for Fantasy owners this season is Spencer Ware, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce can all do well.
Now that the offseason is all but over, let's rank how each team's front office fared
The Bolts are going to have a big year while the Raiders take a step back
What can we learn about the schedule that can help us draft smarter and win more often in Fantasy Football?
Receivers in Denver or Houston would have been much better off if Tony Romo had decided to keep playing.
Cam Newton will have offseason arthroscopic shoulder surgery, the latest setback for a much-revered Fantasy Football icon.
Marshawn Lynch is contemplating a return to the NFL. Would he warrant a top-60 pick if he came back to Oakland?
Nope, Jared Cook still isn't a tight end worth chasing in Fantasy -- but there is someone else who will benefit from his presence.
The Jaguars win another offseason, while the Saints set themselves up well as we hand out 32 grades

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