In the final preseason installment of Believe It or Not, Heath Cummings discusses Ezekiel Elliott, Andrew Luck and more.
From Victor Cruz to Brock Osweiler to Sheldon Richardson, here are the biggest transactions of the day
Reid said earlier this month he wouldn't kneel during 'The Star-Spangled Banner' this season
Heath Cummings says if you start your draft with Devonta Freeman and Doug Baldwin you should feel free to take risks later.
Heath Cummings starts his draft off with three elite wide receivers and discusses how to make up for it later in the draft.
The standout performances from the second week of the preseason -- for better or worse -- involve two quality quarterbacks and a handful of running backs.
Based on Average Draft Position, guys like Cam Newton, Marshawn Lynch and Allen Robinson, among others, are being drafted too soon and could ruin your Fantasy team.
Last year, Lamar Miller averaged 21.4 touches per game and Carlos Hyde had 18.8 touches per game. New teammates and coaching changes could drive both numbers lower in 2017.
There was a lot of buzz about Carlos Hyde and his fit in Kyle Shanahan's offense this offseason. Heath Cummings looks at what the 49ers could look like with and without their best running back.
Jamey Eisenberg spent some time with Saints running back Mark Ingram prior to training camp, and Ingram said he's not worried about a challenge from Adrian Peterson to his starting job.

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