Heath Cummings says his rookie receiver rankings were shaken up by landing spots, but he sees a lot of No. 2 receivers in this draft.
Our CBS Sports staff recently held a 12-team PPR mock draft, including the incoming rookies, and Jamey Eisenberg has a breakdown of the results.
The Falcons star is working toward an extension, so we're making sense of what it could look like
Le'Veon Bell and Tevin Coleman are just two of several players who could be changing teams and be of interest to die-hard followers of Fantasy.
Nick Foles might not be a big-name Fantasy quarterback, but if he winds up with the team he's been linked with the most there should be positive ramifications.
If Antonio Brown is going to be on a new team in 2019, it better be one of these with a great quarterback-playcaller combination.
From long-time schemers to first-timers, the outlooks for the league's nine newest offensive coordinators with play-calling duties range from optimistic to nerve-wracking.
Julio Jones, Amari Cooper and Tyreek Hill are just a few of the big-name receivers looking for new deals
You made the championship, and now you may be without your best player. Catch up on all of the latest injury news from around the NFL heading into Sunday's big games.

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