The Diamondbacks will store their baseballs in a humidor this season, following in the Rockies' footsteps, but what does it mean for Fantasy Baseball? Scott White says the impact could be significant.
We’re talking players we love on Valentine’s Day, plus we break down how a humidor will impact the Diamondbacks in Fantasy.
One of the most improved teams of 2017 still offers plenty of promise for 2018. Scott White looks at some of the changes for the Diamondbacks.
Our experts debate rankings for some of the biggest names at the top of the draft among hitters.
First base offers plenty of depth, as usual, but Scott White says you shouldn't feel obligated to wait since you'll most likely be drafting more than one.
Are you looking for value with your keepers? Does the draft pick you'd be forfeiting correspond to where you picked the player in the first place? Then this list is for you.
With Saturday's trade, Giancarlo Stanton teams up with Aaron Judge to make the Yankees' already stout offense something extraordinary. Scott White considers all the Fantasy implications.
Busy daydreaming how your team might look next year? This should help. Scott White projects the first two rounds of 2018 drafts.
The award goes to the best hitter at each position in each league, as determined by MLB coaches and managers
Winners will be announced Nov. 7

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