Adalberto Mondesi basically steals a base every time he plays now, and Ty Buttrey looks like the new Angels closer. But is it too little, too late for them? Scott White plays the waiver wire with only two weeks to go.
Our Scott White looks at some pitchers showing signs of a breakthrough at this late stage of the season and a possible new closer in Arizona.
This year's MLB Players' Weekend will be held from August 25-27
With an eye on the final two months of the season, Scott White updates his top-200 rankings for H2H points leagues, with a spotlight on Nationals' rookie Juan Soto.`
The Diamondbacks have asked their relievers to pitch on no days of rest a ton this year
Scott White ranks the top-200 players for H2H scoring leagues with an eye on the rest of the season.
Also, the Red Sox and Yankees squared off, the Rockies are streaking and much more
You could try to make a play for the Astros' Gerrit Cole, but according to our Scott White's latest trade values, it'll cost you.
Looking for help with a trade? How about just a top 200? Scott White ranks that many players for Head-to-Head points leagues, assigning a trade value to each.
Over the last few days, Fantasy owners have been subjected to a deluge of last-minute closer announcements. Scott White is here to sort it all out.

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