The Cavaliers, the top team in the Top 25 (and 1), have a 3-game lead in the ACC with 4 games to play
| 1518724566
Emanuel Miller continues to improve as a junior and talks recent visits with a Big Ten trip coming up.
Scandals have impacted this year's hot seat as much as lack of success
| 1517700881
Ranked Duke, Kansas and Kentucky teams all falling in the same day? It's only happened once before.
| 1517660340
ACC Men's Basketball Match-up Preview: Pitt vs.North Carolina
| 1517481995
Panther247's five takeaways from the Panthers' loss to the Hurricanes.
| 1517360198
ACC Match-up Preview: Pitt vs. Miami
Forget Duke and Michigan State -- these teams have value against the latest national title odds
| 1516287316
High scoring guard Charles Smith has shown his ability at La Lumiere as a junior
| 1516209535
Highlights of athletic class of 2019 wing Emanuel Miller who is having a solid year at La Lumiere.

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