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The latest Top247 basketball prospect rankings for the class of 2018 have arrived. Let's take a look at the caliber of talent each major conference is bringing in.
| 1513281000
These guys improved by leaps and bounds and have been rewarded with a rankings bump.
Duke and Kansas take a hit in the coaches poll
The top 10 gets a major shakeup after a wild week of upsets
| 1513010344
A weekend loss to Boston College saw college basketball's coaches select a new top team.
| 1512557338
Syracuse players discuss their win over UConn, including Matthew Moyer's career night.
| 1512549180
The Syracuse Orange improved to 7-1 on the season with a win over rival UConn.
The Gators moved to No. 5 after Notre Dame fell to No. 9 in the Coaches Poll
| 1512405329
Can Duke keep its lock on the top spot?
| 1512275340
The Orange did not have enough against one of the nation's elite teams.

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