| 1513312800
The Bears use big runs and a strong offensive effort to blow out Texas Southern.
| 1513289460
Baylor basketball signee, Matthew Mayer, is one of the big risers in the new Top247 rankings by 247Sports.com.
Duke and Kansas take a hit in the coaches poll
The top 10 gets a major shakeup after a wild week of upsets
| 1513010444
The top five saw some major changes after last week's upsets.
| 1513010344
A weekend loss to Boston College saw college basketball's coaches select a new top team.
| 1512873180
The Baylor Bears defeated Randall , 105-82, in their annual game at Fort Hood.
Recent huge upsets mean it's time to hit the reset button on the Top 25 (and 1)
| 1512443373
The Bears got back to their winning ways in a 84-56 victory over Sam Houston State Monday night.
The Gators moved to No. 5 after Notre Dame fell to No. 9 in the Coaches Poll

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