Get caught up on the FBI's investigation into corruption in college basketball
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Former Oklahoma State assistant coach Lamont Evans appeared in federal court earlier today and was released on a $100,000 bond
The 'Albert Means Scandal' suggests their argument will not work
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Check out the babes modeling the replicas of the new basketball uniforms.
Former Oklahoma State University assistant Lamont Evans was fired after his arrest last month
CBS' schedule includes UNC, Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, Michigan State, Villanova and Kansas
The Tar Heels and Jayhawks have impact players who switched schools
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A big test for new head coach Mike Boynton, Jr. in front of more media than the day he was introduced as OSU coach. Did he know about Evans and can he overcome this negative?
Cowboys coach Mike Boynton says he doesn't fear for his job, all Cowboys players eligible
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The FBI's investigation into several facets of college basketball will lead to changes in recruiting. Scout's experts discuss how this investigation will change the game.

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