The struggling Bears head to San Diego on Saturday for a late afternoon tip in the Viejas Arena
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Five-star power forward Jordan Brown has taken visits to St. John's and UCLA and is looking to set up more, according to his father.
The Spartans are No. 3 and the Irish are No. 4 in Thursday's Top 25 (and one)
Okafor has played just 25 minutes this season for the 76ers
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Teams and players to watch when a number of the nation's best teams descend upon Oregon for the PK80.
A pair of recent No. 3 picks are fitting in as well as possible with the Celtics' proven veterans
Adam Duritz wants the young Celtics star to run for U.S. Senate
On the eve of college basketball season, here's what will happen in the next five months
There's plenty of talent in Division I, but here are the best college basketball players in the land
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 The 2017 NBA Draft class was special. It had top-end talent and the depth to go with it. That class will help shape the future of the league, and multiple All-Stars

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