| 1508515200
Alexander: "I've definitely gotten stronger. My muscle mass went up, my fat went down. But my weight is never going to be where I want it to be."
| 1508508000
Admiral Schofield is used to being of the best athletes - if not the best athlete - on the basketball court. But then Schofield met Tennessee freshman forward Yves Pons.
| 1508465089
Tennessee basketball has issued a fourth scholarship offer in the 2020 class.
| 1508444113
Rick Barnes: "You can never really forget who you are or what you do while trying to get better in other areas."
| 1508423086
Turnovers? Sloppy passes? Taking plays off? Get caught and you're sent to the corner for a few minutes on the Tennessee basketball coach's new toy.
| 1508374919
While looking for answers in a crowded backcourt, Tennessee is also looking to take advantage of an NCAA waiver to play another preseason exhibition game.
| 1508353559
Rick Barnes: "I don't have a reaction. I don't really care. I don't know why we do preseason polls anyway. It is what it is and we'll play the season anyway."
| 1508336280
SEC media don't share the optimism within the Tennessee basketball locker room that the Vols will be legitimate competitors this season.
| 1508159140
Could Tennessee's fifth-year guard be one of the highest-scoring transfers in the country? SI.com thinks so.
| 1507947855
Basketball tip-off fan-fest for Tennessee - and visitors in town for the Lady Vols.

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