The Detroit Tigers are entering a rebuild, with prospects on the way that could help in 2018.
How old is too old in Fantasy Baseball? We attempt to find out on today’s episode of the Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast.
Every draft pool has a few bad eggs who don't seem likely to live up to their going rate. In particular, Scott White is suspicious of these 12.
Which players might not get enough respect on Draft Day? Scott White names 12 of the most likely to outperform expectations.
First base offers plenty of depth, as usual, but Scott White says you shouldn't feel obligated to wait since you'll most likely be drafting more than one.
You want prospects? Scott White unveils his annual list tailored specifically for Fantasy owners. Whether you play in a dynasty league or not, these are the names to know right now.
First base has traditionally been the deepest position in Fantasy Baseball, and some newcomers have ensured it'll stay that way, according to Scott White.
Check out Scott White and Heath Cumming's first batch of rankings for the 2018 Fantasy season.
The 2017 season has been, by far, the worst season of Cabrera's career
The Indians third baseman is racking up the extra-base hits at a huge pace

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