Heath Cummings and Chris Towers release the final version of their trade charts and try to figure out what to do with all these injured pitchers.
Week 18 (July 31-Aug. 6) offers more usable two-start pitchers than most weeks, so Scott White thinks you may need to be a little more aggressive on the waiver wire to keep up with your competition.
Even though he figures to miss at least a month, Clayton Kershaw is still one of the top DL players to stash, according to Scott White. But this time of year, stashing him isn't really the issue.
With nearly two-thirds of the season in the books, you're probably thinking players are who they are by now, but Scott White says that's not the case for 12 underachievers.
The Giants get their ace back, everything's coming up Dodgers, plus more from around baseball
Johnny Cueto is not the first pitcher to suggest differences in the baseball are causing blisters
Plus thoughts on the DiMaggio/Judge comparisons, some hints at buyers and sellers and more
Everybody has their breaking point, and Scott White has just about reached his for these 12 Fantasy Baseball fixtures.
It is time for the team to rebuild around Posey and Bumgarner
Astros fans get two more players to be excited about after Derek Fisher and Francis Martes impressed Wednesday night. We discuss their values, plus Logan Morrison, Taijuan Walker and more.

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