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Gordon Hayward has taken his first picture in a Boston Celtics uniform. Courtesy of the All-Star forward himself, here is Hayward in Celtics green over a month after he
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Hayward looks sharp in Celtics' green
A look at the context of the schedule and who plays who when, and how far they travel during the season
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Stevens loves 'Ms. Pac-Man'
Bagley wants to be in the 2018 NBA Draft and should be the No. 1 overall pick
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Tayshaun Prince doesn't lace them up anymore, but he isn't leaving the league.
Cleveland wants to stock up with biggest possible return for their disgruntled point guard
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The Boston Celtics are interested in Cleveland Cavaliers disconsolate point guard Kyrie Irving, but it will take a lot to land him, including their most recent lottery
The league has expanded its schedule to have the players at their best
All these games we're looking at come before December; we'll re-evaluate after that

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