| 1510967369
The Cavaliers duo made it look easy against the Clippers.
In his first season with the Cavs, Rose has not played since Nov. 7
| 1510963293
Dahntay Jones talks about LeBron's 2016 Halloween party
| 1510959933
Rose's ankle issues will sideline him for two more weeks
Isaiah Thomas loves revenge games and he wants one against the Celtics in the playoffs
| 1510946762
Winning, not location, is the most important thing to LeBron James regarding his upcoming free agency, according to his agent, Rich Paul.
There are a lot of weird things going on in the NBA, but how many of them will last?
| 1510904643
The Boston Celtics are off to a hot start to the 2017-18 NBA season.
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The Cavs are now staying overnight after away games instead of flying
| 1510865940
The Cavaliers are locked into their home for the foreseeable future.

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