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Shareef believes that even nowadays, his father could still be a force in the NBA
| 1502999226
Brandon Bass is leaving the NBA. As has become popular in recent years, Bass has joined a growing list of NBA players that have left for overseas gigs. According to David
| 1502995389
Rob Pelinka has already declared who the Los Angeles Lakers' closer will be. According to Pelinka, Brandon Ingram will be the Lakers' end-of'-game playmaker entering the
| 1502992036
The Lakers are reportedly going "big game hunting" when it comes to free agents
| 1502939980
The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated "Lakers Night" with a bang. Los Angeles Lakers forward Corey Brewer threw out the first pitch before the Dodgers' game with the Chicago
A look at the context of the schedule and who plays who when, and how far they travel during the season
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Another NBA legend has sadly passed away. Tom Hawkins, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers with the third overall pick in the 1959 NBA Draft, has passed away at the
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Brandon Ingram talks at length about his offseason diet
| 1502908834
Could Lonzo Ball be the next Kobe Bryant? According to Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton, his rookie point guard has a shot at becoming the next Kobe, via TMZ

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