| 1503094997
The Falcons have a new fixture in their rotation up front
Plus everything else you need to know about Week 2 of the 2017 NFL preseason
| 1503078840
The rookie is ready
| 1503076726
The reigning NFL MVP is confident in his offensive play-caller
| 1503070964
The Falcons appear to have their top four in place
| 1503069022
The Falcons vets are all-in
| 1503006640
Beware NFL defenses: the Atlanta Falcons are back
| 1502983386
The Falcons are looking for options deeper in the rotation
Our annual Madden sim is all kinds of crazy, from the Pats not winning the division to a wild Super Bowl
| 1502979882
Atlanta could use the big man on occasion this season

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