As expected, the internet had jokes about the Chick-fil-A at Mercedes-Benz being closed on Sundays
| 1502919890
The Falcons head coach is excited about getting back on the field.
More than 17 percent of fans say they would never consider dating a Pats fan
| 1502909907
Want some Chick-fil-A? Don't go to a Falcons game.
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The Falcons are making moves in the backfield
| 1502900322
The Falcons want Freeman back. But not too soon.
| 1502836582
The Falcons are looking for alternatives behind center
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Julio Jones is the best in the world, one former NFL general manager says
As the injuries mount in preseason, expect to hear these names floated as options
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Relive some of the best moments from past seasons of HBO's Hard Knocks

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