| 1516218717
How can Atlanta better use their chief weapon on offense?
| 1516216236
The days of the 'No Fun League' are over.
| 1516207737
The Falcons QB vowed the team would be better in 2018.
| 1516207641
Lane Kiffin hires son of Charlie Weis to be next offensive coordinator.
| 1516204418
The former head coach thought Sark had the right idea.
| 1516202167
Knapp worked with Peyton Manning during his Super Bowl year.
| 1516135405
The Falcons will send another to Orlando.
| 1516132880
"I love Sark," Freeman told ESPN.
| 1516126702
Bush Hamdan is expected to leave for the University of Washington offensive coordinator job.
| 1516124749
One of the biggest questions facing the Falcons this offseason.

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