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The Falcons starter is out this week
Josh Nagel is a whiz at picking Seahawks games and makes a strong pick for 'Monday Night Football'
Prisco picked up a win on Thursday and is looking for four more to get back on track in Week 11
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These two NFC contenders will meet on the gridiron to close out Week 11
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Adrian's sackistry against Dallas almost didn't happen
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Everything you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons up to now, and moving forward...
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Devonta Freeman will likely not play in Seattle this week
| 1510851725
Primetime gave the Falcons sack master a national platform this week
| 1510775520
The Falcons brought in a spare with Devonta Freeman likely out
| 1510774236
The former Alabama and current Atlanta Falcons star is getting some national attention

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