| 1513029164
The Falcons wideout won Round 1 against the Rookie of the Year frontrunner
| 1512956643
The defending NFC champs are back in it
| 1512914040
The NFC South rivalry will stay put on Christmas Eve
Our computer model simulated every Week 13 NFL game 10,000 times with very surprising results
Heath Cummings says Jameis Winston and Giovani Bernard can help you fit in several stars this week. But are there any available on the main slate?
| 1512839505
The defending NFC champion has a direct path to extra football
| 1512766981
The Atlanta Falcons could go without half their backfield in Week 15
| 1512757499
The Falcons linebacker has Drew Brees' number, that's for sure
The league is checking into Saints coach's behavior at the end of Thursday night's loss to the Falcons
| 1512753921
The defending NFC champions aren't out of it yet

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