| 1501016968
The Falcons new home isn't quite finished yet
| 1501010107
The retractable roof feature of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium likely won't be ready for the first wave of games played in the new venue.
| 1501008784
There's a change coming to I-75 this year
| 1500994954
The Falcons went out of their way to build a supporting cast around Vic Beasley
| 1500927032
The Falcons all-world wideout expects to be fully healthy
| 1500925761
Little went right for the Falcons the year after their first Super Bowl loss
| 1500920401
The first-rounder is still rehabbing his shoulder ailment
The Falcons want to be known as a team that takes care of their stars
| 1500910444
The Falcons are working to sign their star rusher
| 1500906287
The reigning MVP wonders what could have been -- if he had time to make the plays

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