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Bengals backup QB says he "would have loved" opportunity to play, win for Browns
The Bengals quarterback gives his side of one of the craziest stories of the NFL season
Fans were so happy to see the Steelers eliminated from the postseason that they're now donating money
Galin Dragiev is on a 14-2 run in NFL picks and just locked in a play for the AFC divisional round
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Alex Van Pelt decided to move on from the Packers.
Check here for the latest news, rumors and updates for NFL coaching changes and searches
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Andy Dalton's celebrity in Buffalo has grown to a whole new level
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The Bills sent quite a thank you to Cincinnati for getting them into the playoffs
Duff's is not going to let the Bills-Bengals love affair end any time soon
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Bills fans continue to pour in the donations for Andy Dalton's charity

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