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Ezekiel Elliott is officially back, and he looks hungry to devour the NFL yet again.
The Cowboys' game-winning drive was extended by the craziest first-down measurement we've seen
| 1513572360
The Cowboys just got their luckiest break of the season
| 1513571100
You will never see another folded piece of paper determine the outcome of a football game
| 1513568700
This is the life the Cowboys needed in a game they absolutely have to win.
| 1513567980
Chris Jones just reinvigorated the Cowboys
| 1513565400
This is the last thing the Cowboys need in a must-win game.
Gene Steratore will be in charge of calling the Cowboys and Raiders game on Sunday night
Emory Hunt has his finger on the pulse of the Boys and locked in a strong pick for 'Sunday Night Football'
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This is the last person the Cowboys want to see officiate their must-win game.

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