| 1513185191
Simmons suffered a mild high ankle sprain in Sunday's victory over the Jets.
| 1513183508
Simmons' ankle, which he injured Sunday, is heavily discolored.
| 1513182848
McCown won't be atop John Elway's wish list, but he's indisputably an upgrade on what Denver has now.
| 1513180351
Foles is under contract with the Eagles through 2018, but he'd come much cheaper than other veteran QBs.
| 1513176986
"It wasn't worth watching."
| 1513140971
The Huddle Up Podcast deep-dives on Denver's Week 15 matchup with the Indianapolis Colts.
| 1513122145
Should the NFL continue to schedule games on Thursday night? John Elway's answer might surprise you.
| 1513115907
Peko has been sidelined since suffering a sprained left MCL in Week 12.
| 1513111723
Joseph remains focused on the here and now, rather than turn the page to 2018.
| 1513092751
Orange jerseys and pants, and a predominantly blue helmet, affixed with an orange stripe and old-school logo.

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