| 1511483393
Matthew Stafford is now the NFL's leading passer on Thanksgiving.
| 1511480296
The referees initially told the Lions an overturned score would count.
| 1511478158
Darius Slay wonders if some teammates bring the same intensity all game.
| 1511477147
Matthew Stafford's limp was pronounced after the Lions loss.
| 1511474213
The Hunt Report explains the Lions slow starts are holding them back.
The Vikings, led by Case Keenum, are one of the NFL's best teams
| 1511468806
Matthew Stafford took a heavy hit low and was dinged up for the Lions.
| 1511466636
Justin Verlander likes the Lions using his name on a play call.
| 1511464216
Kenny Golladay had a clutch catch late to get the Lions going.
| 1511460227
Ameer Abdullah fumbled for the Lions to set them in the wrong direction.

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