| 1513302030
Colts offense capitalizes on opportunity presented by Kenny Moore interception
| 1513296363
Colts owner says Luck's recovery is going well
The Colts quarterback has been out of the country since mid-November
This is game footage you're going to want to see
R.J. White has his finger on the pulse of Indy and made a strong play for 'Thursday Night Football'
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Senior Fantasy Football Expert Adam Ronis analyzes a few players you may be tempted to start in the Fantasy playoffs but should refrain from plugging into your lineup!
This matchup isn't quite as glamorous as it looked when the schedule was released in the spring
Check out the uniforms that Denver and Indianapolis will be wearing on Thursday
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Colts sent sideline personnel to clear field for Vinatieri extra point, violating Game Policy
| 1513052604
Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Heath Evans among those suspended by league's television network

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