The Colts would not have made it to overtime last year if they had been correctly penalized
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"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" author wanted Jim Irsay to pick Leaf instead of Peyton Manning in '98 Draft
The Colts quarterback surprised a man who did a good deed
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Colts QB rewards gentleman who returned lost wallet to Colts' practice facility intact
The famed author also said no to a theoretical $30 million dollar loan
There are some pretty big fantasy implications when it comes to Robert Turbin's suspension
if you get the No. 5 pick in a non-PPR draft, Heath Cummings says a balanced team is the path of least resistance.
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Colts QB says he is "convinced" he will be ready for training camp
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Former all-conference lineman Braden Smith of Auburn signs rookie NFL contract.
Vinatieri is entering his 23rd season in the NFL

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