From London to Sunday Night Football, teams around the league demonstrated in response to Trump
It's a good time to stash running backs and receivers, but those who stream quarterbacks will have some exciting choices for the next week ahead.
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I thought the Jacksonville Jaguars would beat the Baltimore Ravens, but I did not think the victory would be so lopsided. After all, the Ravens had 10 takeaways in two
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Once again, the Jacksonville Jaguars showed what it could do on offense given the right game plan. The 44-7 win over the Baltimore Ravens was as impressive, if not more
The Steelers remained in the locker room during the anthem ahead of their game against the Bears
Coleman made a point of protesting Donald Trump's remarks after catching a TD
The Jaguars are doing their best to embarrass the Ravens
The Steelers say they won't be affected by 'divisive times'
The Ravens and Jaguars head across to pond to play an early-morning game in Wembley Stadium
The NFL could be in for a historic day on Sunday in the wake of Trump's remarks

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