One NFL owner says he'd have 'no hesitation' signing Colin Kaepernick
| 1501106054
Derrick Johnson and Travis Kelce are making progress as they rebound from surgeries.
| 1501105341
The former Chiefs receiver is among those helping during camp as an intern.
| 1501098676
Clark Hunt would be open to adding Colin Kaepernick to the team, although whether or not Andy Reid is might be another matter.
| 1501094364
Andy Reid talks more about why he brought in Michael Vick as a coaching intern.
The firings of Dave Gettleman and John Dorsey follow a trend, for better or worse
| 1501081295
Kareem Hunt is shaping up to be ready to do more than just run the football this season.
| 1501076306
Tamba Hali says his comments about the Chiefs on Twitter over the weekend come down to a desire to wanting to win.
It looks like Michael Vick is hoping to make the transition from player to coach
| 1501008141
The Chiefs appear to be giving Michael Vick his first NFL coaching role.

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