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The overhaul of the Vikings offensive line should be expected to continue heading into the 2018 season.
| 1519404900
Kirk Cousins' name continues to get dropped by those in the industry who can speak to what the best fits are.
| 1519400121
The Minnesota Vikings are front and center in the discussion of 2018 free agent quarterbacks, but their decision process may be eyeing 2019 more than the short-term of 2018.
| 1519390926
A pitcher, a player without a position and incredible heartbreak. Those are among the stories in this year's tight end class.
| 1519354500
Sam Bradford will not be ending his career contrary to what the early opinions were.
| 1519337220
The Minnesota Vikings have a sneaky-important need at tight end to address.
The Vikings quarterback, soon to be a free agent, missed all but two of Minnesota's games in 2017
| 1519328820
John DeFilippo is vowing to make the right decisions for the Minnesota Vikings moving forward.
| 1519319340
Kirk Cousin and the Minnesota Vikings continue to get linked as the potential best fit for each other.
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Two bruisers, unimaginable pain and the three fullbacks highlight Part 3 of our look at the 31 backs that have been invited to the Scouting Combine.

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