| 1506392943
Duron Harmon explains the New England Patriots intentions for kneeling during anthem.
| 1506390193
Damien Woody goes after Matt Light for blasting national anthem protests.
| 1506388446
Danny Amendola on Patriots National Anthem protests: "We have a tight-knit community in our locker room."
The Wizards star says the NFL won't change until important players like Brady and Rodgers speak out
| 1506369984
Bill Belichick comes out with statement following over a dozen Patriots players taking a knee during National Anthem on Sunday.
| 1506363479
Rob Gronkowski didn't need to be at full strength to handle J.J. Watt
| 1506363478
Malcolm Butler is trying to avoid the distractions surrounding him
| 1506363064
Trey Flowers explains his reasoning to kneel during National Anthem prior to Week 3 contest with the Texans.
Fans at Gillette Stadium didn't sound too thrilled to see the home team kneeling for the national anthem
Week 3 in the NFL was absolutely bonkers, and Twitter overreacted as usual

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