| 1516311248
The New York Giants bothered some people in NFL circles with the Dave Gettleman hire.
Many NFL-eligible juniors ignore advice provided by the league and risk going undrafted each year
| 1516296940
Pat Shurmur is set to receive some hardware for his work with the Vikings this season.
| 1516295979
Carl Banks gives a ringing endorsement for soon-to-be New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur.
| 1516292821
The inside story of what it's like to watch football with the still 'fiery' Tom Coughlin.
| 1516285808
Mel Kiper releases his pick for the Giants in Mock Draft 1.0.
| 1516218184
Tom Coughlin has played a massive role in the Jacksonville Jaguars success and Doug Marrone is not afraid to admit it.
| 1516217196
Landon Collins takes a stand against Harley Barber's hate-filled racist rant.
| 1516215654
Mike Zimmer approves of Pat Shurmur getting the New York Giants head coach job.
| 1516198989
Deion Sanders thinks Eli Manning should demand a trade and he could not be more off base with his analysis.

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