| 1542613257
What a week this was in the NFL and how about some of these games that were exciting to watch this week. I mean I never thought I would see all this action happening in Week
| 1542301610
One of the biggest problems with the Jets season thus far has no question been their personnel. Watching every game, you can definitely see yes, the coaching errors
| 1542225828
Earlier this week, the Buffalo Bills made the decision to part ways with wide receiver Terrelle Pryor after only 2 weeks on the team. Pryor, who played six games for
| 1542162238
As you saw on Sunday against he Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets couldn't do anything positively on offense, or on defense to make their opponents work for a win.
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In Sam Darnold’s last start for the Jets, he threw a whopping 4 interceptions in what was the worst game of his career to date. This was a week 9 matchup against the
| 1542089578
The Jets Podcast crew of Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland had to come on the air and told the truth about what they saw, as the New York Jets just went to a new low
| 1542084765
Jamal Adams came to the defense of Todd Bowles.
| 1542047988
No Plans Right Now to Fire Coach, Despite Fan Unrest

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