| 1513196929
Jones looked good in his first practice with the Eagles.
| 1513196400
Westbrook has his game plan for Nick Foles, similar to 2006.
| 1513189193
Wentz's surgery was performed by Dr. James Bradley.
| 1513188048
Eagles fans get their first look at Sidney Jones.
| 1513183895
Griffin believes the Eagles are a perfect opportunity for him.
| 1513181258
Pederson has a powerful message to Wentz.
Here are the 12 teams we are projecting to make the NFL playoffs heading into Week 15
| 1513176971
James has his MVP vote. It's Carson Wentz.
| 1513175674
Irvin believes the Eagles can get it done with Foles.
| 1513159014
Irvin won't put up with that nonsense from the Cowboys fanbase.

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