| 1511227574
Ajayi claimed the Cowboys quit in the second half.
The Giants aren't the only NFC East that might've quit during a game this season
| 1511225577
'Big V' pulled past two lineman for the block that set up Ajayi's 71-yard run.
| 1511222534
Eskin fired back over Cole Beasley's response to him.
| 1511217936
Bryant was held to just eight catches for 63 yards.
| 1511216524
Clement is having an outstanding rookie season.
| 1511215161
The Eagles are 9-for-12 going for two under Doug Pederson.
| 1511206693
Pederson says the offensive line kicked 'a--'
| 1511205379
ESPN Stats and Info breaks down the Eagles Super Bowl chances.
| 1511203827
The Sporting News can't take the Eagles at 9-1.

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