| 1513372605
Vick does not want to return to the NFL.
| 1513372187
Vick believes Foles can get the job done for the city.
| 1513366995
December 15, 1968, is the day Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus.
| 1513365149
The Phillies signed Santana to a three-year contract.
| 1513361157
Nick Foles has been very impressive against the three opponents he'll face the rest of the regular season.
| 1513358726
Smith opens up on what losing Carson Wentz means to the Eagles.
| 1513357061
Long knew standing with Jenkins was right, decided to 'walk the walk.'
| 1513353791
Jeffery will be making $2 million over four years.
| 1513350111
Speilman breaks down what he wants to see in Sunday's Eagles-Giants game.
| 1513347400
Ajayi: 'Wentz has to stop doing that'

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