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Leon Hall's time with the 49ers is already over.
| 1508435139
Colin Kaepernick is looking "swole," Eric Reid says.
It's time to bounce back from the Kevin Hogan debacle. Heath Cummings has your streaming options for Week 7.
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C.J. Beathard is keeping his focus on the task at hand, but whatever he does from here will have an impact on the quarterback position in San Francisco in the long term.
| 1508422213
See the areas where this week's 49ers-Cowboys game can be seen on television.
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Chances seem good Reuben Foster returns to the field this weekend for the 49ers.
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Reuben Foster apologized for the scary late night encounter he had early Monday morning, but Kyle Shanahan isn't upset his players were out late having fun.
Two 49ers players had a harrowing experience in San Francisco this week
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The 49ers signed a cornerback and tight end to the practice squad Wednesday.
Kaepernick filed a collusion grievance against the owners earlier this week

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