| 1508719139
Eric Reid reportedly didn't seem too excited about moving away from safety.
| 1508718162
'It's kind of expected when things go like that," Shanahan said.
| 1508716835
An update on the rib injury Reuben Foster sustained against Dallas on Sunday.
| 1508712534
C.J. Beathard makes sure the 49ers find the end zone.
| 1508708600
Over 30 former players were in attendance as the 49ers honored one of their legends.
| 1508705931
Reuben Foster was back in action today for the 49ers.
| 1508705742
C.J. Beathard hit Marquise Goodwin for a big gain here.
| 1508703131
Reuben Foster was among eight to take a knee, per a report from the Sacramento Bee.
| 1508689304
Initiative expected to be rolled out for Week 13-15, with a look towards a full month in 2018
| 1508685722
Reuben Foster appears headed back to the playing field for the 49ers today.

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